Love On a Leash is a non-pretentious grooming shop located in the heart of downtown Davie since 1996.

Two Dogs at Love on a leash

The emphasis is on pet safety, while providing a pleasant grooming experience for the pet.  We groom dogs, cats, geriatric pets, and special needs pets.  The human companion gets the pleasure of knowing that their pet is getting a quality professional haircut at an affordable price.

Our groomers are graduates of certified grooming schools, and are well versed in a majority of popular breed hairstyles and provide the best service while incorporating the human companion’s requests for a modified hairstyle.


Love on a leash pet brush

Comb and Slicker 

When it comes to grooming at home, the human companion’s best friend is a comb and slicker brush.  The comb finds the knots and the slicker brush breaks up the knots for a smooth tangle free coat.

Love on a leash pet grooming tools

Doggie Do’s!

All basic and full grooms get two haircuts.  The first haircut is to set the pattern, and to do a visual check for flea infestation.  As well as any skin condition, that may be hidden due to the length of the coat.  The second haircut is the finishing haircut, and is mostly done by scissors.  This is where all the lines are cleaned up, and all the fine details of the hairstyle are completed.  All pets get a fashionable bandana and sprits of perfume.

Love on a leash pet scissors


Our pet stylist are well versed in all types of breed hairstyles.  Haircuts can be as per breed standards or a combination of the breed standards and human companion wishes.  The overall result is a customized hairstyle emphasizing the pet’s best attributes.

Love on a leash cat


Whereas, a dog will get a hairstyle according to its breed’s standards, a cat groom is mostly for hair removal, hygiene, and the pet’s comfort.  Cats are usually groomed twice or once a year, therefore they are not used to the noises of a grooming shop, grooming clippers, dogs barking, water, and they don’t put up with too much handling.  Unlike a dog, cats do not sit still, their skin is very sensitive, and a cat bite or scratch can be very infectious to a bather and groomer.  At Love On A Leash, these factors are taken into consideration when a cat’s appointment is made for grooming.

Love on a leash pet care

Dog’s Life

Do your part as an owner to learn about your dog’s health, nutrition, and natural dog care solutions. Also get tips on dog grooming, senior dog care, and flea & tick prevention. Other than the vet, the pet stylist is an excellent place to start to get tips on dog care.

Love on a leash puppy bath

Puppy Care

It is important that a puppy have a positive and pleasant grooming experience because this experience will carry out to his adulthood.  During these formative years, the puppy will learn grooming etiquette every time he/she is groomed.  We at Love On A Leash understand this and work with the puppy.  The result is a stress free grooming experience for the pet.