Grooming Services

Kathy (Kathuska) Zurita, Love on a leash

Our house shampoo is a detergent-free, with coconut oil, tearless formula.For mild flea infestation we offer complimentary non residual flea shampoo for all our baths and grooms.  In addition, we also offer medicated, oatmeal, and hypoallergenic shampoos. Our baths consist of a good wash, scrub using our house shampoo or a specialty shampoo, nail clipping, ear cleaning, expressing of the anal glands, de-shedding and coat shine. For an additional nominal fee we offer nail grinding, heavy de-shedding, ear flushing, teeth brushing, and finished with a mint flavor breath spray.

Full Groom

Full grooms for dogs include a bath (as described above), a rough cut where the groomer sets the hairstyle pattern as per human companion’s wishes, sanitary shave, dematting, and finally a visual inspection of the pets ears (in case there is an ear infection), and skin condition to determine if the pet has special skin needs, flea or tick infestation.  This visual inspection will determine the proper shampoo to use.  If we find any problems, the groomer will share findings with the human companion to address a current problem or a potential problem.  Sometimes skin irritations, flea and tick infestations can go unnoticed due to the pet’s thick coat.

Full groom for cats include a bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning and fur removal to owner’s request.  Cats have a shorter attention span and usually will not put up with too much handling during grooming, so we take extra care in the grooming procedures emphasizing safety and comfort, to put the cat at ease.


For those pets that need an in between clean up groom we offer “Basics”.  It includes a bath (as described above), hand fluff, sanitary shave, scissor around the paws and clean up of the bottom of the pads, face is also cleaned up and scissored to breed standard.  Any straggly hair on the body is also scissored to clean up the lines.


Our pricing is very affordable in comparison to other rates.  We do not believe in a la carte pricing. The only extras that we offer are specialty shampoos and heavy de-matting, teeth brushing, and ear flushing.  Dog grooming pricing is based on size of pet, breed, and hairstyle.  Cats grooming price is based on whether it is a full groom or basics.  Call today to schedule an appointment.

Special Grooming Offer

We offer a free complimentary, nail grinding, specialty shampoo, or heavy de-shedding any referral that gets a full groom.

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